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If Will had done the same thing as everyone else, he would never have been with Mimi Mumford, Michelle Michaels or Lisa Wilkes!There’s no other family, weirder than The Simpsons, so maybe you should stop teasing your family and be grateful to your father, not the bald character of a cartoon character, or you live next door to Ned Flanders …

Even if the Simpsons are weird, what we have to understand is that our family is always with us, no matter what! Friends can come and get out of your life, and relationships tend not to manifest forever, so what do you have left but your family?

So, if your mom makes a weird sound when she’s upset or your father’s an alcoholic with a low IQ, you have to love and respect your family no matter what they are because they are the ones who care most and will always have your back …

This is a good lesson: the biggest lesson I learned from this show is that the relationship will always be part of your life (as it will love), but these things are not usually present …

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In the end, however many bad dates you may have been, or how much you have spent on this Monollo’s couple, your friends are those who will stick to each break, evict, scare off a pregnancy, divorce or spin a martini …

You can count on your friends to help you in difficult situations and to support you in the good. You know they’ll be there for you when you’re in the hospital with the baby or when you catch your ex in bed with someone else …

Your best friends will always have your back and be there for you, so that you can’t lose sight of this time in a relationship, no matter how good it might seem, because it can always go bad …

You want to adverate with us? Annie Maguire.

Annie is a recent graduate from the University of Connecticut, where she studied psychology and business. It was interned as a reporter for Campus Connection Reporter for the University channel ESPN, ESPNU, and has since continued his career in the media. From December 2010 to April 2011, Annie was the managing editor of