Children's Hospital Central California

At Distinctive Art Source, we pride ourselves in being a ‘source’ for art, not only selecting and purchasing art but also by identifying local community based art options. DAS is committed to working with local artists whenever possible. This practice not only fosters mutually-beneficial relationships in the community, but also supports evidence-based design principles that show patients are comforted by familiar imagery or landscapes which are often the focus of local artists’ work.

With each project, DAS enjoys bringing innovative art solutions and cutting-edge creative options to the table. Our portfolio and database of resources are among the tools we use in addition to our vast expertise and thirst for industry knowledge. But where we truly excel is in the creation of distinctive art programs that reflect the personality and resources of each community.

Art Programs Foster Community Relationships:

One of the benefits of a healthcare art program is the ability to engage communities and generate enthusiasm for the facility. The success of an ongoing art program depends on the support of various stakeholders of internal and external audiences including physicians, staff, volunteers, patients, families, artists, donors, organizations and businesses. Art programs can provide an opportunity to bring the community into the hospital — and bring the hospital into the community. Thoughtfully created art programs present an opportunity for large scale participation, can support branding, generate enthusiasm, share resources and keep art programs alive.

Examples of Hospital Art Programs that Involve the Community:

Participatory Art Programs – like this fish mosaic at Children’s Hospital Central California and Nemours Children’s Hospital Orlando, Florida.

Rotating Galleries – like the one at TriPoint Medical Center.

NICU Portrait Galleries – such as this program at North Georgia Women and Children’s Hospital.

For more information, read this free Whitepaper on Engaging the Community.

Community Art Program Services May Include:

  • Assisting in developing the goals and strategy for community participatory art program.
  • Coordinating with appropriate hospital staff members and key community stakeholders to explore options within the local art community.
  • Identifying artists and cultivating relationships when appropriate. Researching and contacting local art organizations, artists, schools, galleries, community venues, local businesses, etc. Securing partners for community art making projects.
  • Educating artists and community stakeholders on healthcare appropriate art – Healthcare Art 101
  • Executing or coordinating the execution of community art making activities.

Our Artist Database

DAS has experience working with hundreds of talented artists from across the country. Because we do not maintain an art inventory or represent any individual artists, we have the flexibility (and responsibility!) to continually grow our artist database and deliver innovative art options to our clients. We stay connected with our artists and provide them with tools and information they can use in their businesses; and they benefit from being among the first to receive all Calls for Artists.