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“Developing an art program is a creative journey. Experiencing an art program is a healing journey.”
– Barbara Harriman


As your guide, Distinctive Art Source will partner with you to create an art program – step by step, with each phase building upon the previous one – much like a stack of stones or cairns. Just as cairns are used as trail markers along a nature path, we will walk you through a creative process serving as your trail guides.

If you were to climb a mountain , you would move in a circular upward motion. A gradual ascent offering multiple views. The healing process is similar – a gentle (often circular) pathway to health. As patients and family move along their journey, art can offer a shift in perspective, a different view or vantage point, to enhance their experience and support their healing.

Just as each level of the cairns is in alignment with the one below it, art programs can grow fluidly when each step is in alignment with the next. We’ll begin with a solid foundation and will help to establish your mission and goals to ensure consistency now and in the future.

Each stone in the stack has a job to perform – a specific function that supports the other stones. At DAS, our tools and processes are much like these stones, each building on the next – and most effective when placed in order.

Together with the right tools, experience and timing, we can help you create an art program that is both dynamic and distinctive.

At Distinctive Art Source, we’re changing the scope and scale of healthcare art programs. Working closely with healthcare professionals, architects, designers, way finding teams and artists, we create healthcare art programs with an integrated visual experience that envelops the viewer and contributes to positive patient outcomes. We continually push the boundaries of what’s expected to introduce innovative and technology-driven options. From etched glass to large-scale graphics…from backlit panels to bubble walls…our resources allow us to bring unparalleled art experiences to hospitals across the country.


Distinctive Art Source is a turnkey art consultancy working exclusively in healthcare with a foundation in evidence- and patient-based design. We believe thoughtfully developed art programs contribute to an integrated visual experience and foster mutually-beneficial community relationships. Our nationwide artist database connects clients with unlimited art sources throughout the country to enable hospitals to conceptualize, visualize and realize the goals of their art programs.


Established in 2003, Distinctive Art Source has served a pivotal role in creating evidence- and patient-based art programs in millions of square feet of healthcare space. We are honored to work closely with some of the nation’s most renowned healthcare architects, designers and artists, blending seamlessly into existing architectural processes to keep projects on time and within budget.

Our Values

Inspire Creativity

Drive Innovation

Exceed Expectations

Build Relationships

Live with Integrity

Give Back

Be the WOW!



We offer the ease and experience of a full-service art consultancy with the personal attention of a small firm, resulting in exceptional client relationships. Our senior level staff has a diverse background in interior design, fine art, healthcare engineering and hospital administration. Portraits by Portrait photography by Evan McGrew.
Barbara Harriman, IIDA, EDAC

Barbara Harriman, IIDA, EDAC

President and Creative Director
Aubrey Thorp

Aubrey Thorp

Project Manager
Sera McGrew

Sera McGrew

Senior Art Consultant
Ian McGrew

Ian McGrew

Associate/HR, PR, & Marketing Support
Carolyn Gialluca

Carolyn Gialluca


DAS Projects have been featured in:



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DAS Promotes Green Business 

As stewards of the environment, we believe that even the smallest effort we make to be an earth-friendly business helps us do our part to reduce our carbon footprint. While we understand that art programs will not gain LEED points, we believe all efforts, no matter the size, can contribute to the global initiative to protect our planet.

Habitat For Humanity

Distinctive Art Source enjoys working in communities throughout the country. When we complete a project, we give back to the communities served by our clients through a donation to their local chapter of Habitat for Humanity.


The Lessons of Life: What Preset Old Television will teach us Life.

I’m kind of a freak, I’m hardly ever watching HBO.But the reason I’m not starting to go to the television arena is that there are a lot of great, old shows that I just can’t live without. Great, old shows that gave me a lot of hours of delay, helped me through breakups and hard times, and, of course, taught me valuable lessons of life …

Life lessons? Television? Oh, really?Okay, maybe not CENTOR, OR LESSES, but some of my favorite show types.

Let’ s talk about these lessons from each show and how each one of them has influenced my life and maybe yours one way or another …

The lesson here is pretty simple: if you’re married to a lesbian and you’ve had three divorces or you run away to the wedding, and you need a place to crash, your friends are always there for you …

If you don’t have any friends who will pay for rent, when you can’t find an acting concert, let me move when you accidentally burn your apartment or make you three different kinds of potato on Thanksgiving, which is what your friends are good for?

Your friends should be no matter what crazy, stupid or awkward situation you are; you’re there for them and they should be there for you.

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While this may seem obvious to some of you, others must be convinced that the relationship of importance is in our lives. Life without love is not a life, and we are testing the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Matthews or with Cori and Topanga, I think we can all agree that this show has been playing a relationship as an important aspect of life …

Even with Sean and Angela, or with the love that’s gone missing from Sean’s life, and how it affected him, we all need love and we need to love someone, so stop restraining his life or relationship and give it to …

Besides, I’m very jealous of Cori and Topanga for being so in love, that is, the type of relationship that we need to strive for!

Hey, baby, baby, yo! The prince is in the house, and he’s proud of it! Even when Will Smith did his way off the streets of Philadelphia in the corrugated communities of Bel Air, California, he didn’ t change his way, the clothes he wore, and which he was …

It will be true for itself even in creating a completely new environment: a premium school with a uniform, a fashion house with a butler, a nice car, and a lot of cash …

Of course, Will could throw himself on his neon green hat and find pink sneakers, pick up Tom Jones’s album and a cardigan, but he didn’ t. He didn’ t sell for anyone, and it’s a message that it’s a domestic message: being right who you are because it’s what makes you unique and special …