Background photography by: Abhi Ganju, M.D, www.abhisphotos.com.

Lauren Kang

Senior Art Consultant

Lauren is an expert in finding exceptional SOURCES for art. She is in her element when she’s discovering innovative art options and experimenting with fresh ways to incorporate art in healthcare spaces.

Lauren has the DISTINCT ability to locate just the right image for the job and help clients identify the perfect artwork for key locations. She’s the go-to girl in the office for matching artwork to finishes and combining pieces for the most artful effect.

With a background in modern and contemporary art history and a flair for sculptural ceramics, Lauren has an eye for art in a wide range of mediums. And she’s earned a reputation for keeping her projects on schedule and her clients apprised of timelines and deadlines.

Weekends for Lauren include afternoons of exploring thrift shops and bringing new life to items that seem to have lost their value.

Call Lauren: (703) 956-1946
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