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Owensboro Health Art Program Celebrates…

Distinctive Art Source worked with the team at Owensboro Health on a healthcare art project that celebrates the people and culture of Owensboro, KY. Thoughtfully selected artworks celebrate Community, Donors, Local Artists, Faith, Architecture, History, Music, Agriculture, the Ohio River, Seasons, Local Festivals, Nature and Water. The Floating Seeds installation was the recipient of a [...]
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Riverside Doctors’ Hospital Turns Ordinary to Extraordinary

You’ve seen team member photos in hospitals before. They adorn staff corridors and are typically headshots, group photos or “day-in-the-life” action shots that strive for a photojournalistic appeal. We strongly support incorporating staff members in artwork and couldn’t help but share one of the best we’ve seen. At Riverside Doctors’ Hospital in [...]
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Video Tour of Nemours Children’s Hospital

Distinctive Art Source has had the honor of working at Nemours Children’s Hospital Orlando, with an amazing team focused on building a hospital like no other. The facility, which opened October 22, 2012 was designed with unmatched family-centered care and groundbreaking research. Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando brings together world-class pediatric physicians and researchers who [...]
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Sentara Princess Anne NICU Portrait Gallery Offers Hope and Encouragement

Nikki Lowery, Clinical Nurse Manager, Sentara Princess Anne Hospital, describes the hope and encouragement offered by the Portrait Gallery in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  
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Southeast Health Unveils Kinetic Sculpture

A breathtaking 20-foot tall titanium and steel sculpture entitled “Tranquil Ripples” greets patients and visitors outside the Southeast Cancer Center. It features three independently moving, wind-driven rings, symbolizing rings of healing. The continuously moving monument represents the patients, families and support of the SoutheastHEALTH community. Tranquil Ripples by Jeffrey [...]
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