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TurningArt Acquires Distinctive Art Source, Expanding Healthcare Art Services

Boston, MA – March 7, 2024 – TurningArt, a leading nationwide artwork service headquartered in Boston, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Distinctive Art Source (DAS), a renowned leader in healthcare art consulting. This strategic move combines the expertise and resources of both companies to provide enhanced art solutions for healthcare environments nationwide. Under [...]
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Call for Artists: Northeast Georgia Medical Center Gainesville New Patient Tower – CLOSED

Call for Artists: Northeast Georgia Medical Center Gainesville would like to feature purchased art works created by local artists as well as locale specific artwork in multiple mediums for public areas of their new tower. The Art Committee is dedicated to creating a visually cohesive experience at the new facility that both enhances wellness and [...]
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Continuing Previously Established Art Direction

In 2015 DAS was invited to work alongside the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) to create a culturally authentic art program for their new hospital.  The art program is designed to support, honor, and celebrate the Eastern Band of Cherokee culture. Multimedia artwork, created by enrolled EBCI members, celebrates contemporary Cherokee life in North [...]
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Artist Spotlight: Olalekan Jeyifous

To celebrate Black History Month, we took a trip to see Olalekan Jeyifous’ work in nearby Alexandria, VA. Jeyifous was tasked by the Alexandria Commission for the Arts to create an original site-specific piece inspired by the city. The Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-based artist and designer began by understanding Alexandria’s unique history: a once prosperous port city [...]
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National Arts Program

“Creativity exists in all of us, but how we express is it unique. When we have an opportunity to showcase our creative side, and that creativity is acknowledged, we feel pride, connection, and affirmation in ourselves and our talents” (  [AL1] Artist [...]
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Positive Sensory Distraction

Imagine, being an autistic child’s parent, and looking forward to your child’s next doctor’s appointment! Waiting in an environment that provides positive sensory distraction, allowing you and your child to interact and de-escalate prior to conversing with the doctor.   We all constantly use our senses to absorb and understand the world around us. People [...]
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Marymount University: Graduate Interior Design Class

Open minded, free thinking charettes, that’s what we at Distinctive Art Source love about working with the interior design graduate students at Marymount University.  We share our knowledge and they share their ideas. On September 30th, Barbara Harriman, President / Creative Director, explained visually to the students that “Art is no longer a 2-D focal [...]
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DAS Becomes Certified EDAC Advocate Firm

In a time of mass information and increased competition, the healthcare design industry cannot rely solely on individual or company experience to provide the best patient-centric design practices or solutions for healthcare clients. Evidence-based Design Accreditation and Certification, or EDAC, has brought a higher level of accuracy and scientific rigor to the design world in [...]
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DAS Welcomes Shelita Maldonado to the Team!

DAS is thrilled to bring Shelita Maldonado to our team as Office Coordinator. Her commitment to clarifying DAS processes will allow the rest of the team to happily focus on what they do best.
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DAS Welcomes Abby Lenon to the Team!

We are excited to welcome Abby Lenon, to our Distinctive Art Source team as an Associate/Art Consultant! Acting as a client liaison, Abby works to understand clients’ needs and connect them with art that complements the space and contributes to a healing environment. She brings to the table a diverse background, skillset and perspective, making her a strong asset to the DAS team and our clients.
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DAS Participates in Center for Health Design Event on Behavioral Health

On September 27th, the Center for Health Design offered a great opportunity to spend the day focusing on Behavioral Health design. Distinctive Art Source was pleased to sponsor lunch and to collaborate with more than 180 behavioral health-focused design professionals. The workshop, titled “Strategic Design Innovations that Improve Treatment Outcomes, Safety and the Bottom Line,” [...]
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How Healthcare Art Can Support Patient-Centricity Goals

Hospital leaders across the country are focusing on patient-centricity and designing their facilities and services to revolve around the patient. They are finding innovative ways to engage patients in their own care and tailoring services to meet the needs of the individual while creating compassionate and dignified human interactions. Healthcare art programs can support this [...]
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Center for Health Design Launches New Behavioral and Mental Health Toolbox

DAS is proud to be an affiliate of The Center for Health Design and for the opportunity to work together to advocate for the advancement of healthcare art programs. To help this cause, CHD has just released a new portion of an online Topic Toolbox titled “Behavioral & Mental Health.” Comprised of new, staff-curated content, [...]
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Creating Cohesive Visual Experiences is a Team Effort

When Distinctive Art Source first opened, our art consultants spent much of our time educating others about the importance of evidence-based art and selecting art that is healthcare appropriate. Now, more than a decade later, hospitals across the country are aware of the benefits of a cohesive visual experience that offers value not only for patients and visitors but also for the community [...]
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