Marymount University: Graduate Interior Design Class

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Marymount University: Graduate Interior Design Class

Open minded, free thinking charettes, that’s what we at Distinctive Art Source love about working with the interior design graduate students at Marymount University.  We share our knowledge and they share their ideas.

On September 30th, Barbara Harriman, President / Creative Director, explained visually to the students that “Art is no longer a 2-D focal point on a wall. It is the condition of the entire visual environment experienced upon arrival. Barbara shared a presentation with the students that emphasized the powerful results achieved when multi-disciplinary design teams collaborate to create seamless spaces in which architecture, design, art, way-finding, graphics, and branding compliment each other.   A truly integrated visual experience blurs the lines between disciplines and becomes possible when lines of communication remain open throughout a project.

“I am continually encouraged by the passion and fire I see in new designers entering the field” says Barbara. “I hope to help students understand how each design choice, from the name of their project to the interior experience they create, must visualize an innovative collaborative design solution that incorporates thought direction from multiple disciplines while supporting their client’s (project statement) mission and goals

Following the presentation, the students reviewed their in progress “Exam Room of the Future” design projects to get one on one feedback from Barbara and two additional guest designers.  It was an invigorating night for all.  The student’s response to the evening was that it was filled with “insight, transparency, and valuable feedback, while being supportive and helpful”

DAS looks forward to returning to class later on in the semester to continue sharing our in practice knowledge experiences while learning from the students.