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DAS President Barbara Harriman Obtains EDAC Certification

Distinctive Art Source set a goal in 2018 to promote progress by adding to and sharing our knowledge base. To hit this target, a primary objective for DAS President / Creative Director Barbara Harriman became acquiring her EDAC certification. In March 2018 Barbara became EDAC certified. Her certification allows the DAS team, through the application [...]
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10 Healthcare Art Bloopers

The EARTH without ART may be EH, but healthcare art without thought for the patient can be PAINFUL. Research shows that appropriate artwork in the healthcare setting can help alleviate stress, reduce the need for pain medication and provide a positive distraction. But what happens when we find inappropriate artwork in the healthcare setting? In [...]
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Creating a Sense of Place in the Hospital Setting

Evidence based design calls for creating physical environments that promote healing and reduce stress. Many healthcare owners, architects and designers are creating spaces that allow access to natural light, private patient rooms and family amenities. But what about giving patients that [...]
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If We Could See Inside Others’ Hearts

Here is a wonderful illustration of the importance of seeing things from the perspective of others. Understanding what’s taking place in the heart and mind of the viewer is the root of evidence and patient based art. As art consultants, we consider the perspective of the viewer in creating every art program. That means we think [...]
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The Impact of Visual Art in Patient Waiting Rooms

Waiting is a core component of the healthcare experience which can induce stress and anxiety in patients and their caregivers. In a Quality Improvement Survey conducted across nine adult renal units the clinic waiting area at Cumfried received the highest score. This study evaluates which aspects of the waiting area were important to the patients [...]
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Take Two Doses of Nature and Call Me in the Morning

We already know that healthcare appropriate art can serve as a positive distraction and lower stress and anxiety for patients and family members in a hospital setting. But does it make a difference if nature scenes are viewed on a plasma screen as opposed to real life scenes viewed out a window? Can we trick [...]
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