Barbara Harriman Conducts Design Charrette with LSU Students

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Barbara Harriman Conducts Design Charrette with LSU Students

Since 2003, DAS has worked closely with some of the nation’s most renowned healthcare architects and designers to produce meaningful and effective art programs rooted in evidence-based design. But before any of them were renowned, these innovators were (extra)ordinary students with a strong craving to pursue knowledge, learn, and master their craft.

In the spirit of honoring our time working with many great creatives in the fields of Interior Design, Architecture, Graphics and Landscape Design, DAS President, Barbara Harriman, visited her alma mater, Louisiana State University, to host an educational workshop for junior and senior level Interior Design students. During this 4-hour workshop, students worked together via hands-on activities to help them understand the strength and benefits of clear communication in a collaborative design process. The workshop incorporated the importance of evidence-based design, the benefits of collaboration from project approach to presentation.  With a strong focus on developing presentation skills the soon-to-be graduates need for real world experience.

This in-workshop design charrette exposed students to evidence-based design steps associated with healthcare design and gave them an opportunity through role playing to explore points of view from multiple disciplines, including interior design, architecture, landscape architecture, client and artist. The students presented their ideas to the group and were evaluated on the clear communication of their goals, design development, the outcome related to the goal, and their presentation skills. A special thanks to LSU graduates Colette DeJean, Cannon Design, and Samantha Mitton, Collaborative Studio, for helping facilitate the workshop.

“LSU gave me the education I needed to fearlessly enter the Interior Design world many years ago. Now, having had the pleasure and honor of collaboratively working for decades with Interior Designers, Architects, Graphic Artists and Landscape Designers across the country, I wanted to engage with current students to learn from them and to share experiences that might help them transition into the professional world,” said Barbara. “At the end of the day, I was inspired and proud of these soon-to-be LSU Interior Design graduates and have no doubt that these Tigers will roar! Geaux Tigers!!”