DAS Participates in Center for Health Design Event on Behavioral Health

DistinctiveArtSource BHD Workshop

DAS Participates in Center for Health Design Event on Behavioral Health

On September 27th, the Center for Health Design offered a great opportunity to spend the day focusing on Behavioral Health design. Distinctive Art Source was pleased to sponsor lunch and to collaborate with more than 180 behavioral health-focused design professionals.

The workshop, titled “Strategic Design Innovations that Improve Treatment Outcomes, Safety and the Bottom Line,” was created to educate design professionals on how to employ physical design strategies and methodologies that support improved care for behavioral health.

“It’s important to us to be part of the conversation and stay up-to-date on behavioral health design as it has become a nationally recognized healthcare topic,” said Barbara Harriman, DAS President and Creative Director. “We’ve recently completed several projects with a sharp focus on the needs of behavioral health patient populations, and anticipate more similar projects in the future. We continue to incorporate lessons learned to improve our practices, identify new approaches and continue to meet client goals.”

The Pebble-in-Place workshop was held in Baltimore, MD, and offered continuing education credits for attendees. Several DAS clients and partners attended the event, as well as a small group of interior design students and faculty from LSU.