10 Healthcare Art Bloopers

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10 Healthcare Art Bloopers

The EARTH without ART may be EH, but healthcare art without thought for the patient can be PAINFUL.

Research shows that appropriate artwork in the healthcare setting can help alleviate stress, reduce the need for pain medication and provide a positive distraction. But what happens when we find inappropriate artwork in the healthcare setting? In honor of Distinctive Art Source’s 10th anniversary let’s take a look at 10 painful, but avoidable, art bloopers created when art is placed without considering the patient viewer.  Art bloopers can easily create negative responses and added stress while patient-based art selections can result in positive patient responses that may reduce stress.

While Real estate is all about location, location, location, Healthcare art is about location AND content, which means selecting appropriate artwork in the healthcare setting must include consideration of the subject matter as it relates to the patient population, the available space and the stress levels and viewing times of a particular location.

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It makes a difference when we select artwork with the viewer’s perspective in mind. We’d love to share any bloopers you’ve encountered as a way to inspire us all to keep the needs, fears, stress levels and viewing times of patients  first and foremost in our minds when selecting artwork. Please send your images to us at Distinctive Art Source