National Arts Program

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National Arts Program

“Creativity exists in all of us, but how we express is it unique. When we have an opportunity to showcase our creative side, and that creativity is acknowledged, we feel pride, connection, and affirmation in ourselves and our talents” (  [AL1] Artist selection can be an important step along the way to creating an art program in healthcare facilities as each artist interprets the experience of being human differently.

When it comes to art, it is beneficial to support local talent both for the artist and the entire community. Harmonious relationships are fostered that can open doors to limitless possibilities in hospital environments, as each are heavily invested in one another. When artists take part in the design and art process, they are given a sense of local facility belonging and ownership, before the doors even open. Supporting local artists is not only profitable to the community, but also allows the featured artists’ to provide the hospital with views of the area as seen through their eyes. Additionally, who could possibly be more passionate about the surrounding beauty than the artists who have chosen to live nearby?

The National Arts Program helps organizations feature and support local artists by focusing specifically on the internal artists found within an organization. “The National Arts Program, empowers organizations across the country to host art exhibitions that showcase the creativity of their employees and families. [We] are the only nonprofit that supports employee engagement in ways that validate individual expression, forge new connections, and transform spaces” (

Should your healthcare facility be looking for ways to expand the artful experiences within your hospital, you may want to get in touch with the National Art Program as they can provide critical resources, national reach, and inclusive program design to help get your program in place.  To learn more on how the Virginia Commonwealth University utilized in house talent with the National Arts Program, click here!