Creating Cohesive Visual Experiences is a Team Effort


Creating Cohesive Visual Experiences is a Team Effort

When Distinctive Art Source first opened, our art consultants spent much of our time educating others about the importance of evidence-based art and selecting art that is healthcare appropriate. Now, more than a decade later, hospitals across the country are aware of the benefits of a cohesive visual experience that offers value not only for patients and visitors but also for the community itself.

By continuing to work 100% in healthcare, Distinctive Art Source has partnered with some of the most well respected healthcare professionals in the industry. Working hand-in-hand with clients and colleagues, Distinctive Art Source delivers innovative art programs that completely immerse our viewers, contribute to positive patient experiences, and leave a lasting impression on the community by keeping content and artists locale specific.

Supporting the idea that “architecture is art” and “art is architecture,” Distinctive Art Source takes pride in creating art programs that complement the architectural design while simultaneously incorporating wayfinding. By partnering with highly respected architecture and design firms, Distinctive Art Source carefully plans each art location to enhance each location and pull together a cohesive visual experience.

Along our process in creating a cohesive visual art program that is beneficial for the entire community, Distinctive Art Source explores local talent, builds on new relationships and helps hospitals conceptualize, visualize, and realize the goals of their program.

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