Continuing Previously Established Art Direction

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Continuing Previously Established Art Direction

In 2015 DAS was invited to work alongside the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) to create a culturally authentic art program for their new hospital.  The art program is designed to support, honor, and celebrate the Eastern Band of Cherokee culture. Multimedia artwork, created by enrolled EBCI members, celebrates contemporary Cherokee life in North Carolina.  The hospital is not simply a place for medical care, but a bastion of culture and holistic healing. Art is a single element that works with the architecture, gardens, exterior views and interior finishes to create a place of healing specifically designed for the EBCI and their families.

To ensure patients and families would remain close to natural environments while indoors, DAS placed large scale wall-size photo murals on both levels of the main concourse to create life size environments of nearby forests, rivers and mountains. These majestic murals allow visitors to sit among the trees or walk along the flowing river while traveling through the Concourse from Clinic space to the Dining area.

Multimedia dimensional artwork featuring both traditional and contemporary works by Eastern Band of Cherokee artists can be found throughout the hospital, including glass, etching, wood carving, quilts, acrylics and oils on canvas, basketry, weavings and beadwork.

In 2020, the completion of the “Analenisgi Recovery Center” provided an opportunity for us to ensure art, wayfinding, architecture, and interiors continue to create natural interior environments. Featuring original art created by EBCI artists while supporting the needs of behavioral health patients remained our primary focus. 

Analenisgi Recovery Center

Returning to the site 5 years after the hospital opened was a beautiful experience. Seeing how gardens have matured and become an integrated treatment/respite space was breathtaking. Native plants have grown and now surround art elements placed in the garden, creating a beautiful overlay of textures as wild grasses calmly dance around in response to the wind.

It was great to see previously established art goals remain intact as they applied to art selection for the Analenisgi Recovery Center. Additional photo murals are planned in the concourse extension while additional art created by enrolled EBCI members has been purchased. 

It has been a pleasure working with the Cherokee Nation as it is such a special opportunity. We look forward to continuing work and seeing everything grow in so beautifully.