Nemours Children’s Hospital Art Program Creates a Visual Journey

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Nemours Children’s Hospital Art Program Creates a Visual Journey

Intentionally selected artwork greets visitors at Nemours Children’s Hospital Orlando and accompanies them throughout their hospital journey creating a participatory sense of discovery that appeals to the childlike wonder in people of all ages. Nemours Art Program supports the facility design theme: A Hospital in a Garden…and A Garden in a Hospital.

Visitors young and old are encouraged to experience the nature setting both indoors and out by exploring the hospital at their own place in search of little garden friends, Nemours Caring Critters: Lexi Ladybug, Brady Bird, Benjamin Bunny, Faith Frog and Bailey Butterfly.

On a journey through the facility, guests visually experience stages of Support, Beginnings, Growth, Nurture, Bloom, Flourish and Shine found in both the gardens and the hospital. Accent color inspired art helps delineate the uniqueness of each floor:

Ground Floor, Support (Blue Accent): Seedlings, water, earth and sky surround the visitor offering comfort and the assurance that the hospital has everything necessary to support a garden – and the children.

1st Floor, Beginnings (Green Accent): Images of plants, animals and young children create a feeling of wonder, growth and new beginnings.

2nd Floor, Growth (Teal Accent): Imagination flourishes amidst scenes in nature that promote discovery and instill wonder.

3rd Floor, Nurture (Purple Accent): Visitors experience artwork that inspires hope, provides strength and encourages play.

4th Floor, Bloom (Pink Accent): Spring and summertime abound as artwork features images of flowers, butterflies and summer fruit.

5th Floor, Flourish (Orange Accent): An adventure in fun where tall trees and lush flowers thrive alongside America’s favorite family games and children’s activities.

6th Floor, Shine (Yellow Accent): Florida sunshine and golden glimpses of nature encourage the entire Nemours family to shine healthy and bright every day.