VHC Health’s Outpatient Pavilion Opens to Public

VHC Outpatient Pavilion

VHC Health’s Outpatient Pavilion Opens to Public

Congratulations to VHC Health on their first patient week at the Outpatient Pavilion! The contemporary building design brings together outpatient surgery, imaging, pharmacy, lab, endoscopy, and physical therapy in a modern interior filled with light, sunshine, and warm natural finishes.  

Glass curtain walls provide expansive exterior views on all floors along with inviting views into a tiered garden on the main floor. Patients and visitors are greeted by open reception, waiting and check in spaces as they step off the elevator. Sweeping site lines wash the length of the building in sunlight.  

With minimal wall spaces available for art, placement and scale was key. Large open spaces require art that can be appreciated from a distance as well as up close. The introduction of self-check-in kiosks at the Health Pavilion created a need to draw patients to the kiosks, opening the door for Distinctive Art Source to get creative on how to place and scale art. 

To support and continue VHC Health’s modern contemporary style, we went big! Abstract nature inspired wall murals featuring large scale nature, geode and water patterns, now serve as consistent wayfinding drawing patients directly to kiosks check in while providing background art walls for nearby waiting areas. 

CROPPED Photo Jul 11 2023 2 11 40 PM