Cherokee Indian Hospital Call to Artists – CLOSED

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Cherokee Indian Hospital Call to Artists – CLOSED

Date:                      March 6, 2015

Project:                 Cherokee Indian Hospital, Cherokee, North Carolina

Call for Artists:      Cherokee Indian Hospital would like to feature local art in the public areas of their new hospital opening October 14, 2015. The CIH Art Committee is working with Distinctive Art Source (healthcare art consultants specializing in helping hospitals create healing art programs that feature artwork created by local artists. CIH has determined they will consider, for purchase, original works by EBCI and other Cherokee artists as well as regional artists that visualize aspects of regional and national Cherokee culture as well as reflect the beauty of the landforms found within the EBCI boundary. Artwork will be selected and placed based on content, style and cost. Distinctive Art Source will accept all artists’ submittals on behalf of Cherokee Indian Hospital and will present all submitted artwork to the art committee for consideration.

Art Mission :         The mission of the Cherokee Indian Hospital Art Committee is to create pride and

Statement:           ownership by providing a variety of culturally significant, healing art mediums, inside and outside the facility.

Art Goals:              Selected artwork will help CHIA visually represent the following guiding principles:

  1. “The one who helps you from the heart” – to be effective in this community requires genuine, evident commitment to the best interest of the community.
  2. “A state of peace and balance” – Cherokee believe that all things endeavor to achieve this ultimate state of peace where all things are in balance and as they should be.
  3. “It belongs to you” – CIHA believes that all health care services belong to the people and CIHA is a steward of their inheritance, charged with safe guarding it and providing it to them when and how they need it.
  4. “Like family to me” “He, she, they, are like my own family” – CIHA is committed to being the health partner of choice for this community enjoying the relationships found in healthy families.

To:  Artists whose works meet the required criteria described below. Preference will be given to works by artists in the following order:

  1. Enrolled Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian. (EBCI)
  2. EBCI, First Descendent
  3. Cherokee Nation, Kituwah Band of Cherokees
  4. Any Federally Recognized American Indian
  5. Local Western North Carolina artists

From:  Jody Bradley, Public Relations, Cherokee Indian Hospital

Issue Date:  March 6, 2015

Submittal Deadline: April 17, 2015

Required Criteria: Research has determined that art can help reduce stress and offer the possibility of improved patient outcomes when the art ispatient appropriate. Based on research CIHA is requesting artwork that reflects the EBCI history, cultural and contemporary presence. Art can include but is not limited to recognizable figurative, landscape and garden scenes that represent the local geography and topography. Landscapes should be full color spectrum and sunny. Abstract artwork and artwork depicting dark shadows, cloudy or dark skies will not be considered.

Mediums:  Wood, Clay, Stone, Basketry, Masks, Beadwork, Pottery, Paintings and Prints, Shell Carving, Glass, Oil, Acrylic, Pastel, Watercolor, Mosaic Tile, Photography, Fabric, Metal, and Mixed Media, interior and exterior sculpture

Submittal Instructions:  Please submit up to 4 digital images or printed photos per medium. Include description of medium, art size, and artist’s cost and artist’s contact information for each submittal. Submitted artwork does not have to be available as submittals are to represent the style in which you work. Submittals can be digital images, transparencies, or printed images. No original works will be accepted as a submittal. All submittals are to be received by Distinctive Art Source on or before the April 17, 2015 deadline. CIH hospital will not accept any submittals.

For questions please call: Carolyn Gialluca 703-956-1946 at Distinctive Art Source

Email submittals can be sent to: Carolyn Gialluca, Distinctive Art Source

Mailed submittals can be sent to:

Distinctive Art Source

Attention: Carolyn Gialluca

7900 Sudley Road #120

Manassas, VA 20109

Deliver submittals to: Megan Donham or Tim McCurley

New Hospital Construction Trailer

Address:        325 Hospital Road | Cherokee, NC 28719

Phone:       772-497-4444

Please call Megan to make delivery arrangements prior to arriving at the construction trailer. Upon your arrival Megan will photograph your original artwork so that you are able to take your original work with you once photographed.


Notification:                    All artists will be notified of selection status on or near June 2015. Submittals from artists who were not selected will be returned at this time if return instructions and postage was included with their submission.