Owensboro Health: First Day Fresh for Over Six Years

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Owensboro Health: First Day Fresh for Over Six Years

The Owensboro Health Hospital still looks first-day-fresh as the locally focused Art Program remains a frequent topic of conversation!

Spoiler Alert:  We are not the only ones noticing!


In 2011, Distinctive Art Source had the pleasure of beginning our work with Owensboro Health to develop timeless art goals and create an art program for their new hospital that celebrated life in Owensboro through the eyes of local artists.  The art program was to visually support Owensboro Health’s mission and design goals, creating a peaceful, calm, natural, healing environment. Through the combination of multimedia artwork, including 140 works by Kentucky artists, community involvement, and storytelling, Distinctive Art Source was able to help create a unique and cohesive art experience that continues to be enjoyed today. On a recent visit, Distinctive Art Source’s President/Creative Director Barbara Harriman had the pleasure of enjoying the artwork with three separate patients and visitors. Each exclaiming how much they have enjoyed the “beautiful art” and how the familiar landscapes comforted them, making them feel at home. High praise for the hospital!


Patients, visitors, and staff members are not the only ones who are taking notice of the artwork!  Shortly after opening, Owensboro Health was recognized by the Kentucky Arts Council and was rewarded with the 2016 Governors Awards in the Arts: “The Commonwealths highest artistic honor, the Governor’s Awards in the Arts which recognizes individuals and organizations who have made extraordinary and significant contributions to the arts in Kentucky”.


Congratulations to Owensboro Health for the love and attention to detail they put not only into the creation of their decidedly local art program, but also in the upkeep of the hospital itself; which remains in pristine condition.  The hospital continues year after year to sparkle and shine just as it did on opening day!