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Winship Emory Midtown

“Innovation and compassion come together in the new Winship Cancer Institute at Emory Midtown, which opened for patients on May 9, 2023. Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University designed the full-service center to support a unique model of patient-centered, multidisciplinary cancer care integrated with innovative research to provide the best patient outcomes and a personalized patient experience.

The care model brings outpatient and inpatient cancer care together in five “care communities” organized by type of cancer, with adjoining floors, shared living rooms and shared care teams of experts from multiple disciplines. Nearly all the services the patients need – from diagnostics and doctors’ appointments to infusions and support services – will be brought directly to them in the care community by multidisciplinary care teams specialized in their cancer type. Joining outpatient and inpatient care makes for seamless transition if a patient is hospitalized.”

The original task for the Winship Emory Cancer Institute was to design a care facility that had never been seen or imagined.  Distinctive Art Source had the privilege of working with Emory and Skidmore Owings and Merrill to continue to create a never-before-seen experience through the art program.  

Using color theory as a basis for design, DAS assigned a set of 3 color gradients to each floor in a manner that allowed one gradient to continue to the adjoining floor.  Allowing visitors to move through soft natural color transitions from floor to floor, mimicking mesmerizing natural color transitions found oceans, skies, sunrises, and sunsets.

High ceilings provided an opportunity to install large-scale, well-placed art, enhancing the quiet beauty of the Cancer Center while creating abstract connections to nature in public areas throughout. Art greets and engages patients and families in all public spaces, beginning with a 36’h x 9’w double helix exterior sculpture by local artist Marty Dawe of Cherrylion Studios and continuing with Rob Ley’s 15’h” x 35’’w abstract metal art in the Main Lobby.

DAS combined multiple mediums and styles of art to create a soothing art program with texture and variety.   “My observation is that everyone LOVES the artwork selections! I know I do. People are taking photos in the Cafe area” says David Pugh, Vice President for facility and space design.

Many thanks to David Pugh of Emory Healthcare, Jacob Schneider, and Lee Williams of CBRE Healthcare and Anthony Treu of Skidmore Owings, and Merrill for their role in creating a strong, talented core team that made this project possible start to finish!