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Call for Artists: Dayton Children’s Hospital – CLOSED

Call for Artists: Dayton Children’s Hospital would like to feature purchased art in the public areas of its new, 8-story patient tower, opening Spring 2017, as well as in the public areas of its south campus facility that is under expansion will include outpatient specialty care center, emergency [...]
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Barbara Harriman Receives Award at Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo

Barbara Harriman, Distinctive Art Source president, is honored to be the recipient of the Individual Award, which was presented at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo in Chicago in October. She received the award for her leadership in the field of healthcare art and her work as a [...]
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Call for Artists: Riverside Health System – CLOSED

Call for Artists: Riverside Seeks Local Art for New Medical Campus  NASSAWADOX, VA. – Riverside’s focus on the communities it serves applies not only to offering as many local services as possible, but also to honoring what makes those communities special. As construction progresses on the medical campus in the Onley/Onancock area, Riverside is asking local [...]
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Cherokee Indian Hospital to Install Syllabary Wall

Cherokee Indian Hospital will honor the language and tradition of their ancestors by creating an artful display of the Syllabary — a set of 85 written characters that make up the Cherokee alphabet. The Cherokee syllabary was invented by Sequoyah in the late 1810s and early 1820s and is still taught in Cherokee Indian schools today. [...]
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How to Create an Integrated Visual Experience

An integrated visual experience, when executed, remains nearly undetected. Not surprisingly, this seemingly effortless effect takes planning. In fact, to achieve an integrated visual experience in healthcare requires a union of multiple disciplines and the intentional dissolution of boundaries.
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Creating Healthcare Art Programs for Military Facilities

  Today’s military hospitals are no longer stereotypical clinics adorned with American flags. Our military population requires a unique and thoughtful approach – both to healthcare and healing art programs. The team at Distinctive Art Source has been honored to help create art programs in several military facilities including the National Intrepid Center of Excellence [...]
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Foster Community Relationships Through Hospital Art Programs

At Distinctive Art Source, we walk through the doors of dozens of hospitals each year and have been a part of the design team in facilities across the country. One thing that never ceases to impress us is the commitment hospitals make to their communities. Not simply their role of providing healthcare – but the [...]
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10 Healthcare Art Bloopers

The EARTH without ART may be EH, but healthcare art without thought for the patient can be PAINFUL. Research shows that appropriate artwork in the healthcare setting can help alleviate stress, reduce the need for pain medication and provide a positive distraction. But what happens when we find inappropriate artwork in the healthcare setting? In [...]
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Defining Your Vision: 12 Questions to Consider when Creating a Healthcare Art Program

What are the goals of your healthcare art program? This question is the foundation for a successful art program. But it’s tempting to skip right over this step in the process and move forward with the creation of a program without defining your goals or your vision. That’s because, when it comes to creative work, [...]
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The Story Behind Hospital Art

Look around the walls of your hospital and see if you can find a story. Can you tell anything about the lives of the people who live and work in your community? Do you feel connected to the people who created or are depicted in the artwork? If not, then you’re missing out on one [...]
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Three Tips for Artists to Succeed in the Healthcare Market

Successful patient-based art programs in healthcare settings often showcase the works of local artists, which portray familiar and comforting images. As evidence continues to emerge about the positive effects of the arts in healthcare, hospitals nationwide are turning to their local art communities to help create a healing environment. They’re using art programs to expand the boundaries of [...]
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Three Critical Success Factors in Planning Healthcare Art Programs

Research has shown that appropriate artwork in the hospital setting can help reduce stress, the need for pain medication and length of stay. The principles of evidence-based design establish the foundation for selecting healthcare artwork. These guidelines indicate that nature is a healing element and that patients can be comforted when viewing familiar surroundings. At [...]
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Community Engagement: Why Some Hospital Art Programs Continue to Grow

Successful art programs can engage the community long after opening day. A well-developed art program expands hospital boundaries and makes the most of internal and external resources by establishing ongoing relationships within the community. With added value becoming the standard expectation, new and replacement hospitals seek opportunities to sustain opening day interest and excitement [...]
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How to Avoid Change Orders When Designing Feature Art Elements

As an interior designer in the healthcare industry, you are well aware of the many challenges and obstacles involved in delivering a high quality interiors project on time and within budget.  You anticipate the unexpected: The subcontractor who destroys your feature wall by installing thermostats or fire extinguishers. The discovery that the monumental sculpture was [...]
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