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Barbara Harriman Conducts Design Charrette with LSU Students

Since 2003, DAS has worked closely with some of the nation’s most renowned healthcare architects and designers to produce meaningful and effective art programs rooted in evidence-based design. But before any of them were renowned, these innovators were (extra)ordinary students with a strong craving to pursue knowledge, learn, and master their craft. In the spirit [...]
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DAS Participates in Center for Health Design Event on Behavioral Health

On September 27th, the Center for Health Design offered a great opportunity to spend the day focusing on Behavioral Health design. Distinctive Art Source was pleased to sponsor lunch and to collaborate with more than 180 behavioral health-focused design professionals. The workshop, titled “Strategic Design Innovations that Improve Treatment Outcomes, Safety and the Bottom Line,” [...]
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DAS Named Among LSU 100 For Third Year in a Row

Distinctive Art Source is honored to be named among the LSU 100: Fastest Growing Tiger Businesses for the third year in a row! Barbara Harriman, DAS president and creative director, and LSU alumna, will attend the recognition Gala in Lake Charles, LA, in November. Individual company rankings for the LSU 100 will be revealed [...]
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Call for Artists: CHRISTUS St. Vincent Medical Center – CLOSED

Call for Artists: CHRISTUS St. Vincent would like to celebrate the photographic talent of our Associates by featuring large-scale prints (20 x 30”) of your photos as artwork in patient rooms. Our CSV Art Committee’s intent is to feature joyful celebrations of landscapes in and around Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico as seen through [...]
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How Healthcare Art Can Support Patient-Centricity Goals

Hospital leaders across the country are focusing on patient-centricity and designing their facilities and services to revolve around the patient. They are finding innovative ways to engage patients in their own care and tailoring services to meet the needs of the individual while creating compassionate and dignified human interactions. Healthcare art programs can support this [...]
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DAS President Barbara Harriman Obtains EDAC Certification

Distinctive Art Source set a goal in 2018 to promote progress by adding to and sharing our knowledge base. To hit this target, a primary objective for DAS President / Creative Director Barbara Harriman became acquiring her EDAC certification. In March 2018 Barbara became EDAC certified. Her certification allows the DAS team, through the application [...]
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Four Steps to Creating a Cohesive Visual Experience with Integrated Healthcare Art

Imagine a hospital experience in which art, architecture, design and wayfinding are so well integrated that it is difficult to tell where one discipline ends and other starts. A facility in which artwork is so much more than just pictures on the walls. An environment in which art serves as a positive distraction. Where art supports design directives and [...]
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Center for Health Design Launches New Behavioral and Mental Health Toolbox

DAS is proud to be an affiliate of The Center for Health Design and for the opportunity to work together to advocate for the advancement of healthcare art programs. To help this cause, CHD has just released a new portion of an online Topic Toolbox titled “Behavioral & Mental Health.” Comprised of new, staff-curated content, [...]
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Creating Cohesive Visual Experiences is a Team Effort

When Distinctive Art Source first opened, our art consultants spent much of our time educating others about the importance of evidence-based art and selecting art that is healthcare appropriate. Now, more than a decade later, hospitals across the country are aware of the benefits of a cohesive visual experience that offers value not only for patients and visitors but also for the community [...]
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DAS Ranked #18 in 2017 LSU Top 100 Fastest Growing Tiger Businesses

Distinctive Art Source is humbled and honored to be ranked #18 in the 2017 Louisiana State University Top One Hundred Fastest Growing Tiger Businesses! Last year DAS earned the #73 spot on the list. A special thanks to the fabulous clients we get to work with every day for your ongoing support of DAS. You [...]
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How Collaboration Leads to Integrated Healthcare Art Programs

Distinctive Art Source is pleased to present a webinar for The Center for Health Design entitled How Collaboration Leads to Integrated Healthcare Art Programs. Collaboration is the key to outstanding healthcare art programs that meet both individual facility goals and create integrated visual experiences. In fact, the most successful projects are those in which you cannot tell [...]
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Sentara Heart Hospital Marks Ten Year Anniversary With Sculpture

Sentara Heart Hospital celebrated 10 years of healthy hearts with a reception on Saturday, October 15, 2016. The event featured the unveiling of “Sacred Heart” a brushed aluminum sculpture created by artist John Searles and coordinated by Distinctive Art Source.
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Barbara Harriman Accepts DAS Award for LSU Top 100: Fastest Growing Tiger Companies

Distinctive Art Source President Barbara Harriman accepted the award naming DAS among the 2016 LSU 100: Fastest Growing Tiger Businesses on October 13, 2016 in Baton Rouge, La. “I’m honored to be a part of this distinguished group and receive this award on behalf of the entire team at DAS,” says Harriman. “I’m a proud [...]
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Distinctive Art Source Named Among LSU 100 Fastest Growing Tiger Businesses

Distinctive Art Source is honored to be among the LSU 100: 2016 Fastest Growing Tiger Businesses. Barbara Harriman, DAS president and creative director, is an LSU alumna, which is a requirement of the award application. The LSU 100 is a highly competitive program that identifies, recognizes and celebrates the 100 fastest growing Tiger-owned or Tiger-led [...]
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