Six Ways EDAC Principles Shape Healthcare Art Programs

Scholars have been fascinated by the power of the built environment on healthcare outcomes since the mid-1800s. Florence Nightingale, known as the founder of modern nursing, was the first to document sanitation and stress on wartime mortality rates and applied her findings to British soldiers during the Crimean War, plunging death rates [...]
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Owensboro Health: First Day Fresh for Over Six Years

The Owensboro Health Hospital still looks first-day-fresh as the locally focused Art Program remains a frequent topic of conversation! Spoiler Alert:  We are not the only ones noticing!   In 2011, Distinctive Art Source had the pleasure of beginning our work with Owensboro Health to develop timeless art goals and create an art program for [...]
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DAS Becomes Certified EDAC Advocate Firm

In a time of mass information and increased competition, the healthcare design industry cannot rely solely on individual or company experience to provide the best patient-centric design practices or solutions for healthcare clients. Evidence-based Design Accreditation and Certification, or EDAC, has brought a higher level of accuracy and scientific rigor to the design world in [...]
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DAS Welcomes Shelita Maldonado to the Team!

DAS is thrilled to bring Shelita Maldonado to our team as Office Coordinator. Her commitment to clarifying DAS processes will allow the rest of the team to happily focus on what they do best.
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DAS Welcomes Abby Lenon to the Team!

We are excited to welcome Abby Lenon, to our Distinctive Art Source team as an Associate/Art Consultant! Acting as a client liaison, Abby works to understand clients’ needs and connect them with art that complements the space and contributes to a healing environment. She brings to the table a diverse background, skillset and perspective, making her a strong asset to the DAS team and our clients.
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Are Digitally Printed Canvases Outliving Paper Prints?

You may have noticed hospital artwork that has faded over time. In 2003, when DAS first began working in the healthcare art field, most hospital art programs included framed, museum quality published art, which over five to seven years often fades to blue due to 24/7 exposure to bright fluorescent lights. For the past eight to ten [...]
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DAS Speaks with Students at Marymount University

DAS has been back to school this fall – helping educate the next generation of interior designers about evidence-based art in the healthcare environment. Barbara Harriman, DAS president and creative director, discussed interdisciplinary collaboration at Marymount University in Arlington, Va. A class of 15 seniors from the Undergraduate Health + Wellbeing Studio Marymount’s new School of [...]
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Barbara Harriman Conducts Design Charrette with LSU Students

Since 2003, DAS has worked closely with some of the nation’s most renowned healthcare architects and designers to produce meaningful and effective art programs rooted in evidence-based design. But before any of them were renowned, these innovators were (extra)ordinary students with a strong craving to pursue knowledge, learn, and master their craft. In the spirit [...]
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DAS Participates in Center for Health Design Event on Behavioral Health

On September 27th, the Center for Health Design offered a great opportunity to spend the day focusing on Behavioral Health design. Distinctive Art Source was pleased to sponsor lunch and to collaborate with more than 180 behavioral health-focused design professionals. The workshop, titled “Strategic Design Innovations that Improve Treatment Outcomes, Safety and the Bottom Line,” [...]
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DAS Named Among LSU 100 For Third Year in a Row

Distinctive Art Source is honored to be named among the LSU 100: Fastest Growing Tiger Businesses for the third year in a row! Barbara Harriman, DAS president and creative director, and LSU alumna, will attend the recognition Gala in Lake Charles, LA, in November. Individual company rankings for the LSU 100 will be revealed [...]
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Call for Artists: CHRISTUS St. Vincent Medical Center – CLOSED

Call for Artists: CHRISTUS St. Vincent would like to celebrate the photographic talent of our Associates by featuring large-scale prints (20 x 30”) of your photos as artwork in patient rooms. Our CSV Art Committee’s intent is to feature joyful celebrations of landscapes in and around Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico as seen through [...]
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How Healthcare Art Can Support Patient-Centricity Goals

Hospital leaders across the country are focusing on patient-centricity and designing their facilities and services to revolve around the patient. They are finding innovative ways to engage patients in their own care and tailoring services to meet the needs of the individual while creating compassionate and dignified human interactions. Healthcare art programs can support this [...]
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DAS President Barbara Harriman Obtains EDAC Certification

Distinctive Art Source set a goal in 2018 to promote progress by adding to and sharing our knowledge base. To hit this target, a primary objective for DAS President / Creative Director Barbara Harriman became acquiring her EDAC certification. In March 2018 Barbara became EDAC certified. Her certification allows the DAS team, through the application [...]
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